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As we get older, our skin looses it’s elasticity. This causes the skin to become lose, resulting in sagging skin. Radio Frequency (RF) devices have become a major force in noninvasive skin tightening.

RF Rejuvenation is known as the all skin color, all skin type, non-laser skin rejuvenation system.  It’s one of the safest treatments available because it is non-laser and non-light based.  RF Rejuvenation uses bipolar radiofrequency energy so you can get the benefits of laser without the risk of hyperpigmentation.

Radiofrequency energy can create dramatic, deep tissue improvements with minimal impact on the surface layer of your skin.  RF creates a controlled skin injury to stimulate a wound healing response.  While everyone heals differently, you could plan for 2-4 days of social downtime. You will love the smoother rejuvenated appearance of your skin!

Conditions Treated:  Wrinkles  ~  Scars  ~  Acne scars  ~  Textural irregularities  ~  Tone


FACE $350
FACE & NECK $425
Face Package of 3 for $895

Body per consultation
For optimum results, a series of 3 is recommended

We also offer micro-needling, with or without PRP, for a variety of skin problems. The micro-needling process improves and reinvigorates damaged and aging skin by stimulating the body’s immune response to produce new collagen and elastin.

We’re located in Wakefield, MA, and also serve the surrounding areas, including Boston and Southern New Hampshire.
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