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PRP Hair Restoration Therapy

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) harnesses the growth and healing factors from your own blood to help your body grow new, healthy cells. When injected and microneedling into the scalp, it has been shown to grow thicker hair strands, as well as more active hair follicles for denser, thicker hair overall. Every patient will need a series of PRP injections to see the best results for hair restoration and growth. PRP has been shown to cause hair to grow more densely and more thickly in numerous studies. This makes it a superior treatment for thinning and balding hair. Hair grafting therapy removes hair from one area and spreads it out, to fill in empty patches, but this often means sparse, spread out hair shafts. In contrast, PRP treatments help more hair fill in the thin or empty pockets.

Our pricing reflects our desire to see patients complete the full recommended series, so they can see the very best results. Typically, patients are recommended to undergo 6 treatments in their first year. Typically, we recommend a series of 3 treatments, spaced 2-4 weeks apart twice in the first year, and then repeated as a 3 treatment series every year thereafter. This treatment plan acknowledges that in order to maintain results, patients will need to fight continued hair loss throughout the future, as well. We do offer great package-pricing discounts to help make this procedure more affordable.

Patients can expect to see results developing around 3 to 4 months after their first treatment, which should continue to improve for the next 1-2 years. Hair loss is often a progressive condition, meaning it worsens over time. So we do recommend patients come back to re-treat every 6-12 months, to combat any future hair loss.

  • Grow your own thicker hair, so that the results that you see are completely natural and very long-lasting. So that you never have to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about covering up thin hair or a bald spot again. Instead, we’re going to grow new, thicker hair, and it’s going to be your own hair.
  • Your hairline will be completely natural – because we’re not transplanting in new hair, your hair should return in all the normal places, for a natural result.
  • There is no downtime with PRP for hair loss, or any of the other treatment options we offer. This means you won’t need to make plans to hide your treatments from others while you recover after any procedure. Instead, these treatments fit easily into any schedule.

PRP therapy is incredibly effective for androgenic hair loss, or “male/female pattern hair loss,” which is not caused by an underlying medical illness. To understand the science of restoring hair, you need to understand what causes hair loss. Once you understand what caused the hair to thin or stop growing, you can understand why some treatments will work, and others will not.

Stem cell therapy is not the same thing as PRP, although many people are confusing the two. PRP contains the growth and healing building blocks from your own blood, distilled down for a concentrated effect. But stem cells are different. These are cells that haven’t decided what type of cell they will be yet, and are therefore able to become any cell your body might need. You do have stem cells in your own body, even as an adult. They are most easily harnessed from the fat around your midsection using a process called Nanofat, but so far studies haven’t proved these are effective for growing new hair. That may be something that we find out about in the near future, but for now, there is no scientific basis to claim that stem cell therapy works for hair restoration, and PRP injections aren’t technically stem cell injections.
However, many studies have shown that PRP is very effective for both increasing hair thickness and for generating the growth of more hair

After you and your cosmetic physician decide that PRP injections are the right treatment choice, the actual procedure will be very quick and easy. First, we’ll draw some of your blood. Then, we’ll use a specialized process to isolate and concentrate the growth and healing factors from your blood, creating the PRP. Finally, the doctor will inject the PRP into your scalp, using a very fine needle, to complete the treatment. The entire process takes about 30 minutes to complete – so it’s something you can easily squeeze into your lunch break or on your way home after work.

There is no downtime or recovery period needed after your PRP injections. You may have some redness at the injection sites, just like with any injection. This is usually very temporary and subsides quickly. Patients don’t typically need to take any special precautions or camouflage the area to maintain their privacy about the treatment, either.

PRP injections make the most of your own body’s natural ability to heal itself, so it’s completely safe for all skin types and hair types.

No, you won’t need to have any anesthesia or numbing for this procedure. We do offer numbing options for all patients, but because this treatment is so quick and easy, it has not been something we’ve ever needed to use numbing for.

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