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If You Have Dry Skin, Layer Moisturizers for Added Hydration

The biggest focus of your winter skin-care routine should be preserving moisture in skin to prevent dryness. It’s likely that the moisturizer you’re currently using won’t cut it — and that’s normal.

You may not need to go out and buy a new product if you already have a cabinet full of products. Board-certified dermatologist, Michael Green recommends that everyone rotate through three to four moisturizers, as skins needs change. And I couldn’t agree more.
If your complexion runs on the drier side, you might find that one moisturizer is not enough. I have different moisturizers for different weather conditions and the daily condition of my skin period on more humid days I only need a lotion and on drier days a cream moisturizer. And During the colder days of winter I may layer a serum, lotion and moisturizer for optimal hydration and protection.
Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid or squalane as the base layer. Allow that to seep into skin for five minutes. After, apply a cream-based moisturizer, on top to lock everything in.

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