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Fall Skincare

Fall Skincare

Autumn is in full swing with days growing shorter and air getting drier. So, let’s focus on ways to treat your skin as autumn presses on.

1: Humidify

As we begin to heat our homes, we inadvertently decrease the natural occurring humidity levels. Humidifying is essential in keeping your skin properly hydrated. Lack humidity in the air can cause skin to dry out and crack, and also see increased flare-ups of eczema, rosacea and hypersen­sitivity

2: Exfoliate Face & Body

Whether you’re using a scrub, a dry brush or something like fruit peels, treat your skin to the remedying effects of exfoliating dead skin cells. By not treating the cells that naturally die off due to seasonal change and other factors, you’re inadvertently clogging pores that can lead to worsening skin conditions. Exfoliating is important because you’re freeing those pores and opening up the pathway to better hydration.

3: Protect Your Lips

Don’t forget your lips!  Lips are exposed to weather like that other parts of your face might not be. Exfoliate your lips and use a good quality lip balm that includes SPF and cover all the bases.

4: Cold Weather SPF

It doesn’t matter what products you’re pampering yourself with, SPF must be part of the equation. UV radiation is serious, and those rays are compromising your health every day- whether it’s a snowstorm or heatwave, UV is UV regardless of the digits on the thermometer.

5: Invest in HA

We need to keep moisture in the skin, and one way to do that is with hyaluronic acid, a miracle ingredient. Not only is hyaluronic a great ingredient to keep skin hydrated, but it also helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a terrific way to boost the hydrating benefit of your current cream.
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