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Erase Unwanted Memories With Tattoo Removal In Wilmington

If you have ever had something tattooed on your body that you wish you hadn’t, now is the time to consider tattoo removal in Wilmington. Tattoos can be great, if they don’t bring back sour memories. If they do bring back bad memories, you may want to consider getting them removed. If you have a tattoo that you want to forget, Fresh Start Skincare & Laser can help.

tattoo removal Wilmington

We use a specifically designed laser that will target that tattoo and all ink colors. This laser will safely break the ink into tiny particles that will cause them to fade away over time. Repeated treatment sessions mean that your tattoo will soon just be a memory itself and the results of tattoo removal in Wilmington are permanent. We recommend a consultation to determine how long it will take to permanently remove your tattoo. The number of treatments needed will depend on certain factors, such as the age of your tattoo and the amount of ink used. With our laser system, we can remove professional and homemade tattoos, or just fade them for cover up.

If you have a tattoo that you really wish you did not have, now is the time to book your appointment to have that tattoo removed. You can learn more about our tattoo removal process by visiting us online at http://www.freshstartskincare.com or call us at (781) 321-0200 to schedule your consultation today.

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