Tattoo Removal

 Get that unwanted tattoo off in the Boston Area

Now you have a chance for a fresh start!

We are Greater Boston’s Tattoo Specialists! As time goes by, we all know that life changes and we often regret some decisions and mistakes from our past. Most cannot be changed, but fortunately, there is one mistake that can be reversed!

tattoo removal wakefield maThanks to advanced laser technology at Fresh Start Skincare, you can now safely and effectively remove that unwanted tattoo at an affordable cost in Wakefield, MA. Or, if you’re just looking to upgrade that old, outdated tattoo for something fresh and new, we also do fades to ensure a smooth cover up when we take your tattoo off.

We are not plastic surgeons or dermatologists, and don’t charge your tattoo removal cost that way! Fresh Start Skincare uses specifically designed lasers that target all colors of ink within the tattoo. Our gentle laser, The Alex TriVantage, does not cause “hot spots” common with other lasers. This minimizes discomfort and adverse side effects while reducing the chance of skin texture changes and tissue damage, such as bruising and blistering, when we remove a tattoo in Boston area.

The tattoo gradually fades away through repeated treatment sessions. The result is permanent! So your tattoo is off, never to return! tattoo off boston

Tattoo Removal Cost?

We are fairly priced and very cost effective, so people of all ages can use our service and fade their tattoos or get their tattoo off.