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Clearing it in 2-3 weeks in which it is sloughed away. The healthy new skin underneath may be pink for a few weeks, but this will return to normal. Since the procedure only removes the surface color, the skin underneath is left unharmed. The treatment produces only mild discomfort and numbing cream is generally not needed. 50% of brown spots are removed in 1 session, though some clients require 2-5 treatments. Common brown spots usually do not return. Some do return due to continued sunlight exposure and inherited factors. Brown spot removal treatment in Boston area can be repeated. There is no downtime and patients typically return to normal activities following their treatment sessions.
Nevus of Ota
Nevus of Ota is a genetic pigmented lesion of the face, generally present at birth or surfacing during adolescence. Most common in Asian populations, this dark gray or bluish "birthmark" can be esthetically and psychologically 

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Are you self conscious of those unsightly brown spots? Yes, they can be removed through the wonders of Laser Therapy.  Here at Fresh Start, we use today’s most advanced technology, the Candela Alex TriVantage Laser. The laser light targets the melanin in the brown spot and selectively destroys it without harming the surrounding skin.

Brown Spots
disfiguring. Because of its size and location, Nevus of Ota has previously been notoriously difficult to treat. The Alex TriVantage is the top-rated safe and superior solution.

Check our our laser on Youtube: Candela Laser: The TOTAL TATTOO AND BROWN SPOT REMOVAL SOLUTION  

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Brown Spot Removal Boston

Brown Spots & Pigmented Lesion Removal
"Barbara, the technician, was wonderful. She was patient and explained the procedure step by step. I highly recommend this business!"  Linda, Newton MA 6/27/2013