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Thanks to advanced laser technology at
Fresh Start Tattoo Removal
You can now safely and effectively remove that unwanted tattoo. We can remove all colors of ink and the results are permanent.

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The next big thing!

Hollywood's best kept secret is now available for You at Fresh Start, get tight, youthful skin without the expense and discomfort of fractional rejuvenation.

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Tattoo Removal in the Boston Area

At Fresh Start, we provide a variety of services including: Tattoo Removal, Rejuvenating Laser Facials, Botox, Injectables, Micro-Needling, VeinGogh Spider Vein Treatments, Radio Frequency Wrinkle Reduction, Brown Spot Removal, Skin Tightening, Microdermabrasion, Hydrodermabrasion, E-Light, IPL/Photo Facials, Laser Hair Removal, Dermaplaning and Specialty Facials.

All of our laser technicians in Boston area are trained and certified through National Laser Institute, the nation’s leading Cosmetic Laser and Medical Aesthetics training school. Their top rated courses are the first in North America to meet the stringent regulatory requirements of the ARRA, American Association of Family Physicians, as well as the Post-Secondary Educational Board. All of our estheticians are fully trained and licensed for all services, including skin tightening in Boston area. We have a certified laser safety officer, and a Medical Director who is a Medical Doctor to oversee all laser hair removal, Laser Facials and tattoo removals in Boston area, at Fresh Start.

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Giving Back to the Communitytattoo removal boston

We have partnered with Amirah, Inc. (Persian for princess) A non-profit organization dedicated to providing effective, whole person care for survivors of modern-day slavery.

To help support Amirah with their cause; we are providing free tattoo removal to women coming out of the sex-trade industry who have been branded against their will. Many of these women have been branded with names or marks of their former abuser. Tattoo removal provides a fresh start and a new outlook on life for these women. If you would like to make a donation towards this service, or would like more information on how to become involved contact

Caring for Your Skin with Services Such as:
Skin Tightening & Laser Brown Spot Removal

It is so important to take care of yourself. Of course, that can be a multi-faceted task. From diet to exercise, nutrition and skincare. Your skin is actually one of the main systems of your body and is the most vulnerable and thus needs the most TLC. When you look in the mirror, as Steven Tyler has said in one of his songs “all the lines in my face getting clearer”. You may consider wrinkle reduction and skin tightening in our Boston area office. Another option is to get a laser facial or photofacial to rejuvenate your skin and promote collagen growth. As we age the consequences of many years of sun exposure can come back to haunt us. Age spots, brown spots and freckles can begin to arrive out of nowhere. The good news is that you CAN remove brown spots in our Boston area office quite effectively through the wonders of laser therapy. Do you have an old tattoo from the days of your youth that is just bugging you? Well, tattoo removal around Boston is big and we can get that tattoo off in no time. But, it will take a commitment for a few months. However, it is well worth the investment. It only took one night to get that tattoo on, but it cannot be removed in one night. SO sorry! It will take several treatments as your unwanted tattoo slowly fades. So, remember there is hope and you can remove age spots and you can remove unwanted tattoo’s through the wonders of laser therapy. And of course in caring for your skin you must stay hydrated. Water is your best friend! Drink early and often throughout each and every day! Come get the best tattoo removal Boston has to offer!